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Old-School Technique for a New World

Hi, I'm Julia

I help singers break through vocal limitations to expand their vocal range beauty & power.

I believe within each of us, there is a little voice that knows innately what we are capable of achieving. 


Whether you are a seasoned professional singing at major opera houses, or you're desiring to build a solid technique-- if that little voice inside of you *knows* you are capable of more, if you haven’t broken through that next level, or you’re at the top of your career and noticing things aren't working for you the way they always have, know that there is a way forward! It's just a matter of re-patterning muscles, processes, and thought patterns to unite in a way that serves you AND the music. 

This crossroads is where I love to meet singers on their journey, by helping them gain autonomy over their vocal process and achieve vocal results they never dreamed were possible.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to schedule a free consultation today.

Julia Radosz
Voice Technician/ Opera Singer

Online Voice Lessons

"She has completely changed my voice in range, tone, and overall quality."

Laura Deluca, Soprano

 I feel that now I have an access in to opening out and connecting the bottom of my voice to the top ... I have immediately adjusted my embouchure and it has led to a whole new level of access. I am adjusting to the new aesthetic and am consistently surprised by the sounds that I can make with ease and confidence!

- Triona Walsh, soprano

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I am incredibly thankful to Julia. She has completely changed my voice in range, tone, and overall quality. She is dedicated to seeing her students grow and succeed. She is always willing to help her students not only with vocal capabilities but also with navigating the complex world of being a singer. Julia has been a saving grace for my voice, and has given me confidence that I didn't think was possible.


I am so glad I chose to be a part of the Fearless Singer. It gave me structure and discipline along with support. Julia is studied, practiced and informed, she shares it all in an extremely supportive environment. The Fearless Singer pushes you past your comfort zone on several levels, like a great trainer- you get results! I grew as an artist, I grew in confidence, I found a better practice ethic along with adding some new tools. I surprised myself.

I found answers to long time issues but more importantly- solutions!

Shannon Roberts


Julie is helping me to deconstruct the bad habits that I've developed prior to formal instruction, and build strength in the muscles that should be doing the vocal work. She is also helping with musical artistry in general, to the point where my singing lessons have had a positive impact on my work on other instruments. Julia is a consummate artist, teacher and musical mentor. And by the way, wow- what a voice she has!

Marcus Scrimgeour

 "I almost gave up trying to start a career as a singer, due to technical issues and the feeling I'm not good enough. I've now realized I'm still very much restricted in my tongue, which causes several technical challenges and that with the right teachers, who understand tongue ties (and had one themselves!) I can train in a way that specifically works for me. This means I've become motivated again to study and I'm much more hopeful a career in singing might be possible for me!"

Maite De Wit


This course is a must for any singer who feels they need to improve. I gained so much knowledge of how to improve my technique, my breathing and my mindset! An all-rounded course for all-rounded improvement. Thank you Julia! 

Dana Zeimer

This program takes singing to a whole other level! I have learned so much in just these 8 weeks and it has certainly shown in my voice and how I think of singing! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to get to the next level in their singing!