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Voice with Julia Membership


A Vocal Technique & Support Community

There is a real need for a supportive, learning-forward, judgement-free space for vocal technique amongst classical singers.


The Voice with Julia Monthly Membership was born from the continuation of the community built from the group programs of The Fearless Singer and The MyoFunctional Singer and has grown outward from that point.

We have a FANTASTIC group of sopranos/mezzos/contraltos from all over the world and I am very happy to finally open the doors of the membership outward! If you are a classical soprano/mezzo/contralto, I invite you to book a call to interview for membership.

How It Works

Voice with Julia's Membership is a monthly subscription group directed towards classical singers which takes place within the platforms of Facebook and Zoom. The cost is $57 per month.

For $97/month, in addition to all below, you will receive one 30 minute private session per month.

In the membership, you will receive:

  • Private Facebook Community

    • Weekly Lesson Videos

    • Video & Written Feedback from Julia

    • Community Support

    • Accountability & Wins

    • Full-length video vocal exercises

  • Monthly Group Zoom meetings which will focus on vocal approaches or a specific technical element (replays always available) 

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Drop-in Live Warmup Sessions

  • Access to my full video library Google doc (over 100 watch hours of content!)

  • Accountability Partners/Support 

  • Special pricing for private sessions 

  • Special pricing on upcoming seminars & programs 

*No commitment necessary. This plan is a monthly, pay-as-you-go plan, and you can stop at any time before the next billing cycle.

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