Voice Lessons for All

Learn to Sing on a Budget

Let's face it, learning to sing can be expensive. Many singers have a big passion, but not a big enough wallet to match. The alternatives to weekly voice lessons are not great . . . take one voice lesson every couple months and wonder why you're not seeing results, buy a course online and *hope* you're doing things correctly, or forget about instruction, and become increasingly frustrated with your vocal limitations. 

Although private weekly voice lessons offer the best for vocal growth,

in developing Voice Lessons for All, it is my priority to bring the personalized instruction of private voice lessons to the standard online course format, giving you better results for your budget.


How It Works

Voice Lessons for All is a monthly subscription service. 

You will receive one 15-minute voice lesson per month. During this lesson, areas of technical weakness will be assessed, and vocal exercises assigned.


The other 3 weeks, you will receive personalized vocal exercises via email links targeting the areas of technique that most need work.

In addition, I will ask that you send 2 recordings per month of yourself performing an exercise or repertoire, and I will email back specific vocal modifications.

For a fraction of the cost of private voice lessons- you can help get your vocal technique on track with personalized guidance! 

No commitment necessary. This plan is a monthly, pay-as-you-go plan, and you can stop at any time before the next billing cycle.

What to Expect

This program will give you what you put into it. You can expect to gain a better understanding of the mechanics of your voice and how it integrates with your body. If you put in the work, you will notice real results- better tone quality, increased range, stamina, and breath control.

On the other hand, this program will not give you the level of results of private weekly voice lessons, and is therefore intended for those with a more casual interest in learning to sing. Because of the self-directed nature of this program, Voice Lessons for All is recommended for those 15 & up.