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Vocal Engineering Intensive


Who is the Vocal Engineering Intensive for?

  • You are a singer desiring to take your singing and career to the next level.

  • You know you have more to give vocally and in performance, but can't seem to access it under pressure.

  • There are specific technical blocks you wish to address.

  • You have had prior instruction, and are frustrated with the results.

  • There are specific vocal goals that you wish to prepare for deeply.

  • You are open-minded and committed to change.

  • You are a current student who is looking to rapidly improve your technique and performance, or you have studied elsewhere, and are willing to commit to a 60-day process.

  • You are self-motivated and have a deep desire to bring about profound change in your life and singing.

How it Works

This is a 60-Day program intended to take your singing and career to the next level.


You will receive 2 voice lessons per week which will bring rapid technical improvement. In addition, I will assign mindfulness homework, and will give you written assignments to assist your development. You will also be assigned specific physical exercises to combine with your daily vocal routine. In addition, we will have 2 coaching sessions in the month where we will work on the interpretation of the repertoire you are preparing.


This program is application dependent and requires discipline and commitment. Spots are limited and occur only twice yearly (in the Summer and Winter). 

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