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own your technique & overcome vocal limits

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Be the singer you're meant to be

"This course is one of the best investments I've made in a long time!"

- Jill, The Fearless Singer Program

  • If you’re mid-career and noticing that things are not working easily in your voice the way they always have.

  • If you’re making a fach change and are encountering new technical hurdles.

  • If you feel stuck vocally, and haven’t been able to break through that next level.

  • If things are working well enough vocally, but you just *know* you are capable of more.

NOW is the time to take ownership of your TECHNIQUE and refine the TOOLS to achieve your vocal goals beyond the voice studio-- creating exhilarating performances, acing auditions, feeling ease and confidence in your instrument at all times.  My wish for you is that you can stand facing yourself in the mirror and know that you are not playing small, playing to your limitations, but you are challenging yourself everyday to become better.


Don't tell yourself B.S. like “I have vocal limits”, "I just don't have a pianissimo high Bflat", “I have a heavier instrument, so my voice is just harder to manage”, “I have never been good at coloratura”, “My high notes just aren't easy” "My best singing is behind me."


Instead, ask yourself: What if more WAS possible?


If you want to be challenged to GROW and develop the technical and mental skills that will LEVEL UP your singing, I invite you to join THE FEARLESS SINGER, an 8-week program in a safe-space, supportive, individualized, high-level group environment.

"This program takes singing to a whole other level! I have learned so much in just these 8 weeks and it has certainly shown in my voice and how I think of singing! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to get to the next level in their singing!"

- Kristina Costello, The Fearless Singer Program


With this program, you will gain tools for:


  • Exploration & Integration of the WHISTLE REGISTER

  • Full DYNAMIC CONTROL over your entire range

  • Greater EASE and STAMINA in your repertoire

  • MAXIMUM RESONANCE & BEAUTY throughout your entire range

  • Overcoming MINDSET blocks that inhibit PEAK PERFORMANCE

  • Addressing REGISTRATIONAL imbalances 

  • Eliminating excess TONGUE, JAW, and NECK tension

  • Uniting the MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT while singing


Transform your singing to a level you never thought possible. 

"This journey of betterment was an amazing one that I continue on. 

In these uncertain and empty times I am so glad I chose to be a part of the Fearless Singer. It gave me structure and discipline along with support. Julia is studied, practiced and informed, she shares it all in an extremely supportive environment. The Fearless Singer pushes you past your comfort zone on several levels, like a great trainer- you get results! I grew as an artist, I grew in confidence,  I found a better and practice ethic along with adding some new tools.  I surprised myself. 

I found answers to long time issues but more importantly- solutions!"

-Shannon, The Fearless Singer

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program content

  • 10 Weekly Interactive Technique Sessions (available for lifetime replay)

  • 1 one-on-one session with Julia 

  • 4 Workshops/Masterclasses with (*Sing in at least 2 of the sessions)

    • Katrina Galka

    • Alexandra Loutsion

    • Chrystal E. Williams

    • Rebecca Davis

  • EFT Tapping Workshop with Jenny Clift

    • Identifying unhelpful thought patterns

    • Clearing energy blocks around vocal growth

  • Private Facebook Community

    • Exercises & stretches​

    • Challenges

    • Personalized Video & Written Feedback from Julia

    • Community Support

    • Accountability & Wins


  • Everything included in the Group Package, PLUS....

  • 3 extra one-on-one sessions with Julia 

  • 1 one-on-one 45 minute EFT session with Jenny Clift

  • 1 private session with a Vocal Mentor of your choosing:

    • Alexandra Loutsion

    • Chrystal E. Williams

    • Rebecca Davis

    • Katrina Galka

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Hi, I'm Julia.

I help singers break through vocal limitations to expand their vocal range beauty & power.

I believe within each of us, there is a little voice that knows innately what we are capable of achieving. It is up to us to explore and develop our potential. 


I love to meet singers on their journey and help them gain autonomy over their vocal process and achieve vocal results they never dreamed were possible. 

Along with my career as an opera singer, I have been teaching private voice for over 15 years. 

My clients have performed with companies such as Deutsche Oper, Wiener Staatsoper, Houston Grand Opera, Salzburger Festspiele, Theater an der Wien, Finnish National Opera, Sarasota Opera, and Chautauqua Opera. They have been seen in National Tours of Musicals including Phantom of the Opera. In addition, they have received many honors including advancements at the Metropolitan Opera National Council Competition, final selections for NBC's The Voice, Miss America pageants, Classical Singer competitions, and Vocal Scholarships for conservatories and universities.


As an opera singer, I have performed with companies such as National Moravian-Silesian Theater, Opera Orlando, Opera Naples, Annapolis Opera, Wichita Grand Opera, Gulfshore Opera, and Tri-Cities Opera. Major roles include Marietta (Die tote Stadt), Rosalinde (Die Fledermaus), Donna Elvira/Anna (Don Giovanni), Violetta (La Traviata), Fiordiligi (Cosí fan tutte), Susannah, and Suor Angelica.


I have won a few competitions, including The Jenny Lind Competition, Connecticut Concert Opera Competition, The Marcella Kochanska Sembrich Competition, and 5 Towns Music and Art Foundation Competition. Additionally, I was 2nd prize winner of the Kosciuszko Foundation Competition and the National Federation of Music Clubs Biennial Young Artist Awards, 3rd prize winner of the New Jersey State Opera Competition,  as well as a grant recipient from CareerBridges Foundation.  


I currently live in Bratislava, Slovakia with my fiance who is a Slovak conductor, and I miss my dog, Fifi, who is keeping my Mom company in Florida. 

Meet The Team



Alex tears up the stage singing ladies like Turandot, Tosca, and Elektra with companies like San Francisco Opera, Canadian Opera Company, and Pittsburgh Opera. Her fach transition from coloratura to spinto defined her artistry as well as her technique, and informs her perspective in working with singers. Her belief in process-orientation creates a safe place to experiment freed from perfectionism and judgement.



Chrystal dominates in roles like Rosina in Barber of Seville to Katarina in Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk on international stages such as The Metropolitan Opera, Seattle Opera, and Birmingham Opera UK. She created the role of Rebecca Parker in Schnyder’s Charlie Parker’s Yardbird. Chrystal teaches the practice of balancing the Mind, Body, and  Spirit  so that we can be in top form and express, without limitation, the ideas and phrases in our imagination- allowing them to flow out through our voices.



Becky sings such heroines as Violetta, Rusalka, Contessa, Mimi, and Madama Butterfly with companies such as Hannover Staatsoper, Opera San Jose, Theater Bermen, Chicago Opera Theatre, and Sarasota Opera.

Mid-career, she had to rehabilitate her technique and support system post-surgery. She teaches embracing vocal growth and changes, while navigating a performing career. Rebecca is also the owner of SoftlyLoud Artist Consulting which bridges the gap between singers and singing career!



Katrina spins out high-flying lines in roles such as Gilda, Zerbinetta, and Blondchen with companies such as Wiener Staatsoper, Opernhaus Zurich, and San Francisco Opera. As a Mindset Coach, Katrina helps "Type A" top performers stop the self-sabotage & embody their potential. Her belief in mindful practice process is what keeps her growing as an artist and singer and she believes by tapping into the power of the mind, one can reach stratospheric technical heights.


EFT Coach

Jenny is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT or Tapping) for Musicians and Performers. She is also a professional violinist. She helps singers unlock energetic blocks in their mind and body to achieve peak performance both physically and mentally. She believes that to have an inescapable burning desire to succeed as a creative is proof enough that this is your road that must be travelled.

AN Experience from a participant

Triona Walsh, Soprano

"It was with much trepidation that I embarked upon this program. The usual singer thoughts kept popping into my head; ‘maybe I’m fooling myself...Am I good enough to be in the company of these singers? Is my voice really worthy of further exploration? Maybe I’m looking for answers that just aren’t there for my voice?’ Those limiting thoughts that usually get in our way. I found Julia through her ‘Whistle Voice Workshops’ and before I knew it, I was going against my better judgement and posting videos of myself in a private group. I found myself exploring strange and unusual sounds and discovered that it was FUN! I felt completely safe, unjudged and in a place to ‘play’. I knew from this experience that Julia was a person who acknowledges vulnerability and supports and encourages others. I also knew that I needed to work with her and with the other fantastic women on her team.


Through the ten week experience, I discovered that I am capable of making sounds that I never thought possible. I came away with a new sense and appreciation of my own aesthetic. I always thought that there was something lacking in my voice but I discovered that I was just expecting my voice to sound like someone else’s. I have discovered new and efficient ways of optimising my vocal tract. My embouchure has had a revamp and I have a brand new appreciation for all of the hard work that my tongue is designed to do. We are finally starting to work together! These little (major) tweaks have allowed me to explore the repertoire that is most appropriate for my voice with a new sense of confidence and assurance.  


During ‘The Fearless Singer’ I felt so lucky to be part of a group of like minded singers from around the world who were willing to lay everything open for analysis and discovery. There was a real collegiate feel within the group. It was so nice to be part of a group of singers who encouraged and supported one another. It really was indescribable and these connections were made without ever actually meeting in person!  


Julia herself is a fantastically generous and knowledgeable educator. She spent an incredible amount of time exploring solutions and exercises for each singer.  It was clear that each person was a unique puzzle for her and we all shared in the benefit of these explorations. I learned so much from her and from each of the feature tutors. A huge ‘Thank You’ to Jenny Clift, Rebecca Davis, Chrystal E Williams and Alex Loutsion ...stories were told, tears were shed, big laughs were had, and solutions were discovered. A fantastic group of women.


I am so delighted that I signed up for Julia’s ‘Fearless Singer’ program. I wish I could do it all again!

I can’t recommend it highly enough."

Outline of Mountains

Who is this program for?

  • Professional singers looking to explore new frontiers in their technique

  • Advanced singers making a fach change

  • Singers who are rehabilitating their technique post-illness, surgery, life-event, etc…

  • Advanced singers who feel they are being held back by a particular technical challenge



Book a Call today, as spaces are limited, and discover what is possible for you!


In our call, we will focus on the goals you want to achieve both technical & career-wise.


Together, we can determine if that program is right for you.

*This program utilizes a unique Vocal Mentor philosophy in that no person can dictate your truth for you. Vocal discovery is the goal, and the ideas/techniques/tools can absolutely be worked on in the outside world with other teachers and coaches. 

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