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What People Say

Julie is helping me to deconstruct the bad habits that I've developed prior to formal instruction, and build strength in the muscles that should be doing the vocal work. She is also helping with musical artistry in general, to the point where my singing lessons have had a positive impact on my work on other instruments. Julia is a consummate artist, teacher and musical mentor. And by the way, wow- what a voice she has!

Marcus Scrimgeour

I am incredibly thankful to Julia. She has completely changed my voice in range, tone, and overall quality. She is dedicated to seeing her students grow and succeed. She is always willing to help her students not only with vocal capabilities but also with navigating the complex world of being a singer. Julia has been a saving grace for my voice, and has given me confidence that I didn't think was possible.

Exemplary of how best to teach ... Her patience, knowledge, professionalism, communication style, and kindness have made it really easy for me to listen, practice, sing and feel confident that my success was imminent.

Laura Deluca

James Jorgensen

Julia is an excellent teacher and her lessons have immediate effect on your voice. She is also a great person to work with !

Shyam Sundar

Julia is amazing! My daughter enjoyed her lessons and experienced improvement in a very short time period. She is working on incorporating all of the techniques into her daily practice and her range has improved significantly.

Julia has had a huge influence on my daughter's life. She has encouraged her to her full potential as an artist, coaxing the very best from my daughter, but also managing to make music and learning fun. We have tried many private teachers, and Julia far exceeded my expectations and experiences as a music coach.

Wendi Brassington

Brenda Buttner

I love being Julia's student because not only is she an amazing teacher but she has also gotten to know me and my family. We always catch up at the beginning of each lesson and I love that. Her go get it attitude has helped me gain confidence and grow as a performer. I am so lucky to have found such a great teacher who is so diligent and always takes the extra time needed to perfect something (even when I get frustrated :)). She is also very dependable and has always been there when I needed her; If I have a last minute call back she always does her best to squeeze me in even with her busy schedule (and I really appreciate that). 

Kate Post

I've had several voice teachers, but Julia is worlds better than the others I've had.  She's helped me open new areas of my voice, and at 55 I'm singing better than I ever have in my life.  Her knowledge, passion, attention to detail is really in a different league from most other voice teachers.  She's also pleasant, fun, and very 'present' and 'in the moment' during lessons -- it's a pleasure working with her.    

I learned I am in the right place.

I have studied on Broadway in New York acting and singing for many years. After just a few lessons I can say that Julia is a very very good teacher. Pay attention to her and you will learn. It will take time. Remember the best way to BROADWAY is practice practice practice.

Gerard Sobnosky

Wyman Archer

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