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it will never be perfect.

So, here I am doing yet ANOTHER quarantine recording project, and I am struck by the remarkable fact that nothing is ever perfect. Like, no matter how hard I try, when I take my magnifying glass ears over the phrases, every tone is just not perfect like the last one, or the one after. Sure, there are some really amazing moments, and I am happy with the whole recordings I produce, but the truth remains... perfection. does. not. exist.

This is a hard reality for my Virgo, perfectionist self. Every new level I reach with my singing and artistry presents a whole other myriad of challenges and "to-do" lists. I think this is important to talk about as many of my students express similar concerns. They don't like the sound of their voice, they wish they could do "xyz", they wish they sounded like "so-and-so". Then they feel as if something is wrong with them for feeling this way. I tell them, it is absolutely normal, and healthy.

You see, perfection exists as a north star to guide our noble pursuits in the direction of greatness. It is ok not to reach perfection merely because of the fact that it is impossible. We are all on our own vocal journeys, and for sure, some are further along the path than others, but this doesn't change the fact that we are all still "becoming". And if we're not "becoming", well then... that should be reserved for another blog post.

Let this be a gentle reminder to you, wherever you are, that your work is valued and not in vain. Your pursuit for perfection in whatever you do is what makes this world beautiful.

All my love,

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