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Private Voice Work

My Philosophy


Singing is an activity resonating from one's whole body, mind and spirit. I believe that in order to sing at our highest level, we must address all aspects of our instrument, which includes not only our voices, but our physical, energetic, and psychological state. It is impossible to train the voice separate from the whole, and with improved functioning of each area, voices flourish and expand. 


Private voice work is a commitment to yourself and your goals. When you invest in yourself and your singing, other areas of your life improve symbiotically in response to the awareness you gain. As your technique and performance improve, possibilities expand for your life and career trajectory. I truly believe that by changing your voice, you can change your life!

As your voice trainer, I will support you on your path to mastery by helping you build and grow necessary technical skills. I will help you remove old technical habits and thought processes that can block your progress. Often, I will guide you away from your comfort zone and challenge your beliefs about your own voice. This may involve making sounds that are "ugly" or difficult. It takes this kind of work to retrain the body's habitual patterns. I ask for an open mind and commitment to process. 

In our work together, we will strengthen and create flexibility in areas of the voice that need improvement. Vocal registration, breathing/support, vowel formation, postural alignment, and dynamic control are the major focus of the technical work. My teaching is deeply rooted in the Bel Canto technique, with special attention to function of the vocal mechanism, balanced phonation and breath pressure, and proper posture/movement of the face, articulators, and body in order to maximize vocal efficiency.  I believe in constant education as a teacher, and am always seeking ways to add value to my students. 

I primarily work with professional, young artist, and advanced singers. My clients benefit from a solid understanding of the technical foundations required for optimal performance. 

I would love to have a discussion to see how we might work together on your vocal journey!

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Voice Studio

Voice lessons take place online using Skype/Zoom.

Online voice lessons work exactly the same as studio lessons. No special equipment is needed besides a computer, iPad, or tablet and a good internet connection.

For those living near Vienna/Bratislava, I also offer in-person lessons at my home studio in Bratislava.

Individual Programs

I believe in deep work.

Changing physical patterns. Becoming aware of subconscious habits. Making space for new sensations.

In my work with singers, I have noticed that the quickest and biggest changes happen with dedicated consistency.

In this way, I like to work with my clients in customized packages ranging from 2-3 months. 

I also offer by-session booking for current clients. If you are not a current client, please set up a consultation below.


Golden-Age Mastery

Whether it's preparing for a difficult role, or overcoming a technical hurdle, an intense period of vocal work can be a game-changer for your technique.

Following the format of vocal instruction during the "Golden-Age" of Opera, I have developed an intense technical program for professional opera singers which involves unlimited sessions for 2 months, whatsapp support, VIP sessions and more.

This program is for serious artists looking to make dramatic changes in their vocalism. 

To see if you might be a fit for this program, set up your free discovery call below.

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